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A FIRE Student Network membership: The perfect back-to-school accessory

Before you head to school, sign up for the FIRE Student Network (FSN) and be the first to know about exciting opportunities at FIRE. You’ll also receive information on your First Amendment rights and strategies on how best to defend them on campus.

The FIRE Student Network is a diverse coalition of college students who care about protecting civil liberties on campus. By signing up to be an FSN member, you will receive email updates with exclusive invitations to FIRE events; information about opportunities such as our FIRE summer internship program and FIRE conferences; tips for activism; and alerts about what’s happening on your campus, in your state, and nationally.

Our FSN members are the first to know about threats to free speech on their college campuses. FIRE’s FSN team makes sure that members have the information and resources they need to engage in activism, organize policy reform campaigns, coordinate on-campus FIRE speeches, write articles for student and mainstream publications, host events, and much more.

Best of all, joining the FSN is free, and for a limited time and while supplies last, current students who sign up using their college or university .edu address will be mailed a FIRE T-shirt and laptop sticker. Sign up today!

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