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FIRE’s activism portal offers newest, fastest way to protect free speech on campus (VIDEO)

FIRE supporters can now lobby their college or university for better speech policies directly from our website! In just a few seconds, you can put much-needed pressure on your institution to revise bad policies that threaten speech or thank “green light” schools for respecting free speech rights.

To take action, look up your school in the Spotlight database and click “Take Action.” A small form will appear that will allow you to send a prewritten email to the president or chancellor of the university in support of student rights.  

Watch the activism portal in action in the video below:

To get the most out of our new tool:

  • Customize the email to reflect personal details. Schools want to know that your email is genuine. Show them you’re sincere by including your graduation year, major, or your own issues with campus censorship.
  • Share the Spotlight Activism Portal with your classmates and peers so that they can take action too. The more people university administrators hear from, the more likely they are to take campus censorship seriously and revise problematic policies.
  • Post on your school’s Facebook page. Most Spotlight pages allow you to post a message directly to your school’s Facebook page. Just click the Facebook icon, fill out the form, and post your message. You can use FIRE’s suggested message or write your own.

FIRE hopes that this tool serves as a launching point for more involvement from students and alumni to act in support of freedom of speech.

Now that individuals have access to a record of their school’s actions and a way to respond to that record, we hope colleges and universities will be forced to address growing public calls for reform.

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