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FIRE’s Azhar Majeed Urges Drexel and Temple to Abolish Speech Codes in ‘Philadelphia Inquirer’

Today, The Philadelphia Inquirer features an op-ed co-authored by FIRE’s Individual Rights Education Program Director Azhar Majeed, identifying unconstitutional and illiberal speech codes at Temple University and Drexel University and calling on university administrators to abolish them.

Azhar and co-author Max Levy (a Drexel alum) write that despite the universities’ location in freedom-loving Philadelphia, “both Drexel and Temple have missed the mark for years” when it comes to restricting student speech through speech codes:

These codes prevent students from speaking freely, cast a chill over campus discussion and dialogue, and threaten disciplinary action for speech and expressive activity that should be encouraged — not punished — in a college setting.

The authors call on Drexel and Temple administrators to follow in the footsteps of colleges and universities that have abolished their speech codes and earned FIRE’s coveted “green light” rating, a designation earned by institutions that fully protect students’ First Amendment right to free expression on campus. As Azhar and Max point out, George Mason University, Purdue University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Western State Colorado University have earned green light ratings just this year.

By joining forces with FIRE, Azhar and Max write, Drexel and Temple could be next.

Check out the full op-ed in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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