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FIRE’s Communications Department Is Hiring!

FIRE’s communications department is growing and we are looking for some creative types to help fill it out!

We are currently hiring for two digital media positions:

We are looking for a Web Production and Marketing Design Associate to manage FIRE’s web presence and produce its print and digital marketing materials. This position will primarily be responsible for updating and maintaining FIRE’s website as well as designing FIRE’s promotional materials, such as pamphlets, newsletters, infographics, emails, and web and social media images. Applicants should have strong web design and graphic design skills.

FIRE is also seeking a Production and Design Associate to produce and manage FIRE’s visual and audio content. This position will primarily be responsible for overseeing the production of FIRE’s video, still imagery, and audio assets. Applicants should have strong photography and videography skills, and they should be willing to travel to various locations to gather digital assets.

To apply, please visit each position’s respective listing on FIRE’s jobs web page and review each position’s application requirements. Applicants will be considered only if they submit all of the required materials.

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