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Help FIRE Support Comedy and Free Speech on Campus

Want to support FIRE’s efforts to help save comedy at American colleges and universities?

Today, comedy on campus is under attack, as more students (with the help of campus administrators) are demanding comfort and political correctness over open dialogue and creative expression. Comedians including Chris RockJerry Seinfeld, and Patton Oswalt have all noted the conflict between comedy, hypersensitivity, and political correctness on and off campus. Now, FIRE is fighting back. It’s time to remind the ivory tower that comedy is not only fun, it’s also a powerful social tool. Comedy helps to highlight social trends, current events, politics, and more, thereby opening new opportunities for dialogue. By exposing current threats to comedic expression, FIRE hopes to support comedy’s vital role in our society. We hope you will consider helping us as we try to bring the laughter back to America’s campuses.

Together, we will launch a comedy and free speech campaign across the country. With your support, FIRE will host campus screenings of the upcoming documentary Can We Take A Joke? in which FIRE plays a big role both on and off camera. We also plan to release a short video interview with FIRE supporter and comedian Penn Jillette. Given new resources, we can also increase our outreach efforts to student-comedians like Chris Lee and bolster our defense of campus cartoonists and satirists, who often come under fire for using humor to highlight important issues. By sharing stories of campus censorship and promoting the value of artistic expression, FIRE’s comedy campaign can take a stand for both comedy and free speech. Join our campaign at today!

To support these efforts, send in a 100 percent tax-deductible donation using PayPal or the form below. Thank you!

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