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Each year, when FIRE publicizes its Red Alert list in U.S. News & World Report's America's Best Colleges issue, we do so with the hope that next year, there won't be a Red Alert list to publish. FIRE's staff works each day to bring liberty to college and university campuses across the nation and to safeguard the future of our democracy—and we will continue to do so until students and faculty no longer find themselves victims of unconstitutional policies and practices.

With a donation to FIRE today, you can become a partner in our fight. Over the years, the generous support of our donors has helped FIRE to restore liberty to millions of students and faculty across the nation who had nowhere else to turn. With your donation, we can do even more. Thousands of students and faculty members are still suffering violations of their most fundamental rights. Your donation will help FIRE defend more cases, reach more individuals with our mission, and reform even more repressive policies.

Not only are the colleges and universities on FIRE's Red Alert list guilty of the worst betrayals of their students' and faculty members' rights, but they have also stubbornly refused to remedy these offenses. We cannot fight these universities alone. Donate to FIRE today, and help us make next year the year when there will no longer be a Red Alert list to publish.

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