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Score a FIRE Freedom Tote!

FIRE’s work has been in higher demand than ever before — unfortunately, it’s because there are still plenty of threats to campus free speech. Show your support for our most cherished freedom today by making a donation to FIRE

With an online donation of $500 or more (or a monthly donation of $42), not only will you be directly helping FIRE advance liberty on campus, but you will also receive FIRE’s Freedom Tote as a token of our gratitude!

FIRE's tote bag comes with your choice of a FIRE water bottle or mug.

This limited edition tote features some of FIRE’s best swag items, including:

  • A DVD or Blu-ray copy of our new feature-length documentary, “Mighty Ira” 
  • A FIRE T-shirt, notebook, and pen, and our coveted hot sauce (seriously, it’s FIRE President and CEO Greg Lukianoff’s favorite)
  • An “I support free speech” laptop sticker
  • Your choice of a FIRE water bottle or mug

With this swag, you can proudly display your commitment to free speech at a time when it’s so critical. Despite COVID-19 causing many universities to move their instruction online, students and faculty have seen their speech rights challenged more than ever before. In fact, FIRE’s Individual Rights Defense Program fielded over 1,400 potential rights violations this year, shattering our previous record. Online censorship will almost certainly be a continuing problem well into 2021. As our latest speech code report found, over half of surveyed colleges maintain policies that impermissibly restrict online speech.

It’s clear that we have a lot of work ahead of us in 2021, and it’s up to those of us who care about safeguarding free speech rights to stand up and protect them. Please join us in this fight, and wear your FIRE swag with pride!

When you make a donation using FIRE’s secure online donation form, let us know your item preferences and shirt size in the “Comments and Questions” box so we can get your FIRE Freedom Tote in the mail to you ASAP! Similarly, if you make your donation through PayPal or Amazon, shoot us an email at with your preferences. 

If that’s not incentive enough, this year the CARES Act allows for all tax filers to deduct up to $300 in charitable gifts, and for individuals who itemize their deductions, total charitable deductions can be up to 100% of your adjusted gross income. You can donate right now using our online donation form, through PayPal, or Amazon.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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