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With the "free speech zone" policy at the University of Cincinnati's inevitable failure in federal court yesterday, FIRE President Greg Lukianoff took to The Huffington Post today to remind universities that when FIRE says a speech code is unconstitutional, they should probably listenlest they cost taxpayers money. The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law, the organization FIRE partnered with to coordinate the challenge, reports that $200,000 of taxpayer funds were authorized for use to defend the doomed speech code.  

To put it simply, that's wasted money, and UC should have dismantled its free speech zone years ago. As Greg states in his article:

And it's not as if UC wasn't given notice that their policies had jumped the constitutional shark. After all, FIRE first warned UC about its policy being unconstitutional back in 2007 -- and who knows how long it was in effect before that? 

To read Greg's full piece, please visit the The Huffington Post.

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