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[INFOGRAPHIC] Disinvitation Report 2014: A Disturbing 15-Year Trend

Yesterday, FIRE released a groundbreaking new report. Detailing data we’ve collected from the past 15 years, we reported that the number of campus “disinvitations”—incidents when members of a campus community have demanded that invited speakers not be allowed to convey their messages on campus—has sharply increased.

Our report uncovered additional findings that will prove eye-opening and unsettling for those who care about free speech and open discourse on campus. Check out this informative infographic (or the full report) and share it with others!

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See the infographic at full size – Web page
See the infographic at full size – PDF
See the infographic at full size – PNG

Facts to Share:

  • The number of attempts per year to boot speakers off campus has risen from 6 to almost 30 in 15 years. - Tweet this
  • Since 2000, over 80 invited campus speakers have been prevented from speaking by disinvitations.  - Tweet this
  • Speakers have been most often disinvited from campus because of their perceived conservative beliefs. - Tweet this
  • Attempts to disinvite speakers happen nearly equally at public, private, and religious schools. - Tweet this
  • Since 2000, 53 speakers have been formally disinvited after a disinvitation attempt on campus. - Tweet this
  • Since 2013, speakers have increasingly withdrawn from  engagements due to disinvitation attempts. - Tweet this

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