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As a new year begins, I want to take a moment to thank all the supporters who made FIRE’s work possible in 2019. After 12 years of working with our donors, I am still humbled and inspired by your incredible generosity. Thank you, so much.

I am excited to announce that this year, we are formalizing our longstanding practice of donor recognition with the establishment of FIRE’s Ember Club. The club includes our closest friends and investors who partner with us to advance our shared commitment to preserving First Amendment liberties on college campuses. 

Members of the Ember Club help ensure that the work we have accomplished together in the past 20 years — and the changes it has inspired — will not fade away, but will instead evolve and strengthen in the face of future challenges that lie ahead.

Members of the Ember Club play a critical role in advancing our mission by making a yearly commitment to FIRE at various levels starting at $2,500 (or $208 a month).

This extraordinary generosity enables FIRE to grow its efforts in campus litigation, defense campaigns, and policy reform — as we simultaneously seek to reach and educate students and the public about the principles of free speech, due process, academic freedom, religious liberty, and free thought.

We honor Ember Club members by inviting them into our inner orbit for exclusive benefits, including invitations to FIRE events and meetings with our leadership team — with escalating opportunities for recognition and personal communication with the staff and board. Most importantly, the Ember Club offers opportunities for deepening our existing relationships with our supporters — and through that close cooperation, accomplishing even greater work together.

If you have any questions about the Ember Club or want more information, please reach out to us at or 215-717-3473. 

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