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Make a $10 Donation to FIRE's Video Fellow Matching Gift Fund Now!

Several weeks ago, FIRE donors Raymie Stata and Kimberly Sweidy came to us with an idea. They wanted to help start a project that could really be a game changer for FIRE-something that could bring our message to more people than ever and recruit them into the fight for liberty on campus. We had just such a project on our "wish list": a FIRE Video Fellowship. Raymie and Kimberly's generosity has allowed FIRE to launch a matching gift campaign to raise the funds we need to hire a one-year Video Fellow, who will capture FIRE's unbelievable cases on tape and package them into short films. Having just announced the campaign two weeks ago, FIRE has already raised more than $7,000 for the project. But we still have some distance to go-and we need your help getting there.

Raymie and Kimberly, together with FIRE, challenge you to raise $25,000 towards this project. If supporters like you can raise $25,000 for the Video Fellowship, Raymie and Kimberly have pledged to match this amount with $25,000 of their own-doubling the value and the impact of your donation. We urge you to contribute to our Video Fellow Fund today and to help us spread the word about this campaign.

Why is hiring a Video Fellow so important to FIRE and the thousands of students and professors who benefit from our work?

With a slew of new footage and videos, we are confident that FIRE will be more effective in educating the public about what's really taking place on campuses across the country. Using Web-formatted videos and DVDs, we will be able to do what the written word alone often cannot. We will be able to show the public the real people behind our work and the real effects that rights violations have on their lives. Through their stories, we can convey the true impact that unconstitutional policies and punishments have on students and faculty members nationwide.

Please consider donating to the Video Fellow Fund today. Your donation of just $10 will double its value-bringing us $20 closer to hiring a Video Fellow. For more information about this campaign and to donate towards the fund, visit the Video Fellowship Matching Gift Fund page.

Thank you!

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