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Making Free Speech More Popular: Institute for Justice Launches New First Amendment Blog

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Here's a new blog to add to your blogroll along with The Torch: Congress Shall Make No Law, the new First Amendment blog of the Institute for Justice. The blog's Steve Simpson writes:

Freedom of speech is one of the most important rights Americans enjoy, yet one of the least understood and most neglected. Like the air that we breathe, speech is so integral to our lives and so ubiquitousthink twitter, Facebook, blogs, cell phones, and email and much more-that most Americans take it for granted.

Yet we ignore the right to free speech at our peril. Indeed, it was not until 1931 that the Supreme Court first struck down a statute under the First Amendment, and the relatively vigorous legal protections our speech enjoys today have only existed for about 50 years.

But there is no guarantee that these legal protections will persist.

FIRE welcomes this new blog to the blogosphere. There is no shortage of free speech issues in higher education alone, where millions of students and professors spend years of their lives under oppressive speech codes that inhibit the nation's marketplaces of ideas. The more people and organizations that are demonstrating the importance of free speech, the better.

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