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Playboy's 'Smoking Jacket' Covers Censorship on Campus

In a new article, Playboy’s website The Smoking Jacket highlights memorable examples of censorship of sexually themed speech on college campuses.

The (safe-for-work!) article features eight examples from American universities and an example from an Australian university, including several from FIRE’s archives. Who could forget the 2011 incident at East Carolina University where the school fired a student newspaper advisor after the paper published an uncensored photo of a streaker? Or Hampton University’s 2006 denial of recognition to an LGBT student group? Or last year’s case from Tufts University, where several members of the men’s crew team were suspended for wearing suggestive T-shirts?

Check out The Smoking Jacket for the full list, and check out FIRE’s case archives for detailed information on each of the American examples.

Image via The Smoking Jacket

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