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Rights in the News: Harvey’s Harvard Candidacy Continues to Grab Headlines

As April's election for Harvard University's Board of Overseers draws nearer, the candidacy of FIRE co-founder and chairman Harvey Silverglate continues to attract attention and enthusiasm. Scot Lehigh's excellent column in The Boston Globe is just the latest testament to this, as Adam wrote earlier for The Torch (and as the Cato Institute's Cato @ Liberty blog briefly noted as well). Even unlikely supporters such as this blogger in Falmouth, Nova Scotia have taken notice of Harvey's candidacy. FIRE expects the energy to continue to rise in the final weeks before voting ballots are sent out to Harvard alumni.

Hopefully you've read Bill Rivers' startling first-person account (which Adam blogged about yesterday) of the Residence Life program at the University of Delaware (UD), posted on the National Association of Scholars' website. For those wanting a deeper education on UD's reeducation attempts, NAS has recently made available for viewing a panel discussion from their recent conference ("Are the Dorms Being Politicized?"), focusing heavily on UD's program and featuring Adam as one of the three panelists.  

Elsewhere, the campus culture of San Francisco State University (SFSU) is the subject of a column for The American Thinker by Richard Cravatts, who notes the prominent role FIRE played in ensuring the right of free expression for SFSU's College Republicans, who were subject to an investigation by SFSU after holding an anti-terrorism rally in which protestors stepped on makeshift Hamas and Hezbollah flags.  

Lastly, FIRE is the subject of an article published today in The Post, an independent student newspaper at Ohio University (OU). Wesley Lowery's articledrawing heavily on input from FIRE's Samantha Harris and Will Creeleylays out in detail the policies that have earned OU a "red-light" rating on FIRE's Spotlight, and articulates the perils at which universities ignore warnings from FIRE over their unconstitutional policies. Students and administrators alike would do well to give Lowery's article a read.

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