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Stop Supporting Universities That Don’t Support Free Speech

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America’s college campuses have been quite the source of controversy in recent weeks, as student demonstrations have renewed national debates about the role of free speech in a university setting. Even President Obama has weighed in, publicly speaking out for a second time about the important role the free exchange of ideas plays in a democracy.

With FIRE’s mission at the forefront of national news, our supporters are asking what they can do to effect change at the schools they care about most. Since the giving season kicks off next week, I want to take a moment to remind FIRE supporters and college alumni everywhere that you can choose to support FIRE in lieu of a donation to your college or university.

Unlike an annual gift to your alma mater or the institutions your children or grandchildren attend, a gift to FIRE goes straight to promoting free speech at that institution and many others nationwide. Just let us know that your gift is in lieu of a gift to a university, and then FIRE will notify the leadership of that institution that until they fully protect individual rights on campus, they will no longer earn your charitable support.

We will also send the school you designate a printout of its Spotlight database entry, a copy of FIRE’s Correcting Common Mistakes in Campus Speech Policies booklet, and our latest Spotlight on Speech Codes report.

Choosing to give your hard-earned dollars to FIRE instead of a university you care about can actually do more to help the school. Oftentimes it is not until we reduce an institution’s bottom line that we create change. Be that change this season and make a 100 percent tax-deductible gift to FIRE. Simply tell us in the comments box what institution needs to protect student and faculty rights better and we will handle the rest!

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