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Students Discuss Their FIRE Cases at 2013 CFN Conference (VIDEO)

This summer, FIRE enjoyed its largest Campus Freedom Network Conference (CFN) yet! In addition to great keynote speeches by journalists Juan Williams and Megan McArdle, FIRE held a student panel so attendees could hear first-hand accounts of how fellow students fought back against censorship on their campuses.

Len Audaer, Chelsea Boozer, and Luke Wachob took part in the student panel. Audaer discussed his fight with Syracuse University School of Law over a supposedly offensive satirical blog, Boozer explained how she worked with FIRE to reverse content-driven retaliatory funding cuts to her school’s newspaper, and Wachob shared his story about working with FIRE to improve his school’s “red light” speech code rating.

If you are a student and are inspired by these students’ stories, take the first step in effecting positive change on your campus by joining the CFN! FIRE cannot make campus a freer place for expression without the involvement of passionate students, and the CFN has the resources to help get you started!

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