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TV Critic Glenn Garvin Calls Evil by its Name: Dave Barry

Miami Herald television critic Glenn Garvin has caught wind of FIRE’s recent case at Marquette University, where an administrator removed a quote from comedian (read: Evil Incarnate) Dave Barry that a graduate student had posted on his office door. Garvin came down squarely against the raw tyranny of freedom of expression and against the “practically unfathomable evil of Dave Barry.” On the Changing Channels blog of the Miami Herald, Garvin lauds the bravery of the “heroic Anti-Dave Freedom Fighters of Marquette University,” especially “Thought Police Chief James South,” chair of the Marquette philosophy department, whose quick thinking saved Marquette University from becoming “some anarchic hellhole where people can just go around saying what they think.” Garvin rightly calls FIRE to the mat for being a “subversive group” for attempting to undercut South’s efforts to defend the innocent eyes of Marquette philosophy students.
FIRE will continue to fight for freedom of speech, even when speech is unpopular, even when it is offensive, and even when it contains the words of Dave Barry. (And thanks to Garvin for a riotously funny read!)

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