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Speech Code Information Request

Fill out the form below to request more information about speech codes at your college or university.

What is a speech code?

FIRE defines “speech codes” as written policies regulating expression at colleges and universities that is protected under First Amendment standards, like policies on demonstrations and harassment policies. These policies also include affirmative commitments to free speech, like the Chicago Statement.

How can I find more information about my school’s speech codes?

FIRE rates the speech codes at over 450 colleges and universities in our Spotlight database. If your school is not included in the database, you can request more information about its speech codes by filling out the form below.

If your college is included in Spotlight, but you have questions about how the policies were rated, how to get started with getting the speech codes at your school revised, or how to get an affirmative free speech statement like the Chicago Statement adopted at your school, please fill out the form below.

Think your rights have been violated?

If you’re looking for assistance with a specific incident of a potential violation of rights at your school, rather than with written policies, please fill out our Submit a Case form so that the appropriate FIRE staff can contact you accordingly.

When can I expect a response?

FIRE staff will contact you within two weeks of your submission. Please bear in mind that FIRE’s small staff works in service of our national mission. Requests for information will be handled in a timely manner in the order in which they are received.