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University of Cincinnati Victory Scores Coverage From Coast to Coast

Yesterday, FIRE announced a victory for student rights after a federal district court judge issued an injunction prohibiting enforcement of the University of Cincinnati's "free speech zone." This key victory has made a splash in national and local media, and the message is clear: violating students' rights has consequences.

On the national level, both The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed have covered the ruling. The Washington Post picked up the piece as reported by the Associated Press. The Student Press Law Center also published details on the case.

Locally, the story hit Cincinnati press including The Cincinnati Enquirer, which opened with the simple statement that "it just got easier to protest, collect signatures and hold rallies at the University of Cincinnati." Cincinnati CityBeat, an independent local arts and issues publication, reported that FIRE had named UC's speech policies as some of the worst in the nation—which we did!

Other local news outlets from Boston to Sacramento reported this victory for student freedom. FIRE hopes that the press generated by this victory will once again remind schools across the country that violating the First Amendment will not go unnoticed—or unpunished!