‘Torch’ Posting Slowdown

August 18, 2005
You may have noticed that the pace of our Torch postings has slowed over the last few days. That’s not because the universities are suddenly respecting basic civil liberties. Instead, FIRE — America’s leading campus rights organization — is in the exciting process of moving to new and larger offices in Philadelphia. As anyone who has experienced an office move knows, the entire affair can be quite disruptive to normal operations. We will, however, be in our new place (which will provide room for growth—we’re piled on top of each other in our present office) and fully up to speed very soon. We will issue a formal announcement when the move is complete.

FIRE, a free speech non profit, effectively and decisively defends the fundamental rights of tens of thousands of students and faculty members on our nation’s campuses while simultaneously reaching millions on and off campus through education, outreach, and college reform efforts.