A proud Minnesotan, Charlie hails from St. Paul and is currently based in Minneapolis. In 2015, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in American studies from Macalester College, and he completed a master’s degree in cultural studies at The Ohio State University in 2019. Charlie became increasingly discouraged by the rigidity of his academic environments, while gradually discovering the power of rigorous heterodox inquiry. In particular, the writings of Jonathan Haidt ignited his passion for free speech, which he has advocated for as an alumnus, a member of his Buddhist spiritual community, and as a volunteer with Braver Angels: a nonprofit that promotes political depolarization.

Charlie has worked in various roles involving nonprofit development and strategic communication, and is thrilled to bring these experiences to FIRE. In his spare time, Charlie enjoys the outdoors — throughout all of Minnesota’s seasonal extremes — swing dancing, and practicing mindfulness meditation.

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