Fordham University: Policy Prohibiting RAs from Speaking with Media About ResLife-Related Issues


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On November 30, 2022, the Fordham Ram published an editorial criticizing a Fordham University policy prohibiting resident assistants from speaking with the press about Office of Residential Life-related issues. On December 14, FIRE wrote Fordham expressing concern that this policy violates the expressive rights Fordham promises student journalists and RAs. We also explained that while Fordham may properly regulate RA speech on behalf of the university and may prevent RAs from sharing information made confidential by law, the university may not regulate students’ ability to speak with the media about their personal experiences as RAs. Although Fordham did not answer our letter, students confirmed to FIRE that RAs were told in January they may speak with the media in their personal capacities so long as they don’t purport to speak for the university.