University of Colorado at Boulder: Disciplinary Hearing Allowing Accuser to Judge Accused


University of Colorado Boulder

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FIRE Victory closed

At the University of Colorado at Boulder, Carlos Martinez was expelled by the head of the Office of Judicial Affairs, Andrea Goldblum, for yelling at staff at the Office of the Bursar. Given 48 hours to vacate the school premise, Martinez protested, demanding that he be given a fair trial, and was granted permission by the Colorado District Court. Goldblum declared Martinez a threat and asked for a court order prohibiting him from contacting her. Apparently she changed her mind as the trial drew nearer, requesting the ban on contact be lifted so that she could preside over his trial. FIRE wrote to the District Court pointing out the obvious conflict of interest, and Judge Daniel C. Hale lifted the ban, but also warned Goldblum against putting herself in charge of the proceedings. While she did remove herself from the trial, Goldblum substituted in one of her close colleagues, who upheld the expulsion. After being forced to bring his case to District Court, Martinez was finally reinstated, as the school was found guilty of violating due process regulations.