University of Oregon: Student Government Denies Group’s Funding Over Pro-Gun Rights Views


University of Oregon

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Case Overview


On November 11, 2015, the Associated Students of the University of Oregon (ASUO) rejected Young Americans for Liberty’s application for funding of a “Liberty Poker Night” event in support of gun rights. The event's prizes included firearms donated by local dealers, which would be lawfully transferred to winners off campus in accordance with local and federal laws. At the ASUO’s November 11 meeting, multiple ASUO members argued that the event made students feel “uncomfortable” or “unsafe,” and the application for funding was rejected. FIRE wrote to the University of Oregon on November 18, reminding the university that funding to student organizations must be distributed in a viewpoint-neutral manner, and calling on the university to intervene if the ASUO refused to follow its obligations under the Constitution. Despite FIRE’s warning, the ASUO voted a second time to reject funding to YAL on November 18.

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