Wright State University: Christian Group Banned from Campus


Wright State University

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FIRE Victory closed

Wright State University has agreed to grant recognition to the Campus Bible Fellowship (CBF) for the 2009-2010 academic year, reversing its previous decision to rescind the CBF's official club recognition because of its requirement that voting members "accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior," among other faith-based requirements written into the club's constitution. Despite the CBF's thirty-year presence on Wright State's campus, the university removed the club's official recognition for its failure to include required "non-discrimination" language in its constitution. After FIRE wrote Wright State President David R. Hopkins, reminding him that this policy violated the CBF's constitutional rights to both free exercise of religion and freedom of association, Wright State initially indicated that while the CBF would be granted recognition for the remainder of the 2008-2009 academic year, it would have to amend its constitution for recognition in 2009-2010. However, after the Alliance Defense Fund wrote an additional letter to Wright State, Director of Student Activities Rick Danals agreed to grant an exemption to the CBF. The CBF received official recognition soon after.