Help FIRE Grow the Free Speech Movement!


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Here at FIRE, we are working to build an America in which people overwhelmingly believe in the right of others to freely express views different from their own and expect their laws, institutions, and society to embody this belief.

Do you know people who share this belief?

Sponsoring a crowdfunding campaign is an excellent way to help FIRE grow our movement dedicated to restoring free speech as both a legal right and a cultural value. With a $25 donation, your friends can become FIRE Members and provide critical support to our efforts while also enjoying special perks like an official FIRE membership card, an annual subscription to our print magazine, invitations to special events, and more.

Whether you choose to set a goal or even match donations, consider hosting a FIRE fundraising campaign to help us welcome new members.

To set up a campaign, complete and submit the form below. FIRE's team will set up your campaign, and email it to you within 24 hours. Then, you can share it wherever you like!