FIRE’S ‘Spotlight’ Database Named by CCAP as Great Resource for Prospective College Students

January 28, 2016

This week on, the Center for College Affordability and Productivity (CCAP) announced that it is starting a resource guide for students planning on attending college. CCAP is dedicated to researching the rising costs in higher education and addressing the causes with the higher education community, the general public, and policymakers. The resource guide aims to provide prospective college students with information on the campuses and programs that are unlikely to be affected by current campus trends—such as microaggression policing, trigger warnings on class material, and disinvitation efforts. CCAP characterizes these institutions as “colleges that hew to the traditional understanding of the meaning of ‘higher’ education.”

In the piece, CCAP lists some of potential college students’ best resources, and it is planning on putting a full list of resources on its website. This list includes the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s Choosing the Right College 2014-15, economist Thomas Sowell’s book Choosing a College: A Guide for Parents and Students, and FIRE’s Spotlight database for campus speech codes. Here’s what CCAP says about our database:

Another useful guide to the quality and seriousness of colleges and universities is the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education assessment of university administrations on the degree to which they do (or do not) protect student free speech. Its “Spotlight Database” evaluates over 400 colleges on First Amendment grounds.

The article also lists resources for information on “tradition-minded programs,” or programs that focus on topics like free institutions, the Constitution, and democratic government.

Check out the full article at for more information.