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Dirty Works and The Rise and Fall of Morris Ernst covers

First Amendment News 307: Summer list of 30 new or forthcoming books on free expression

July 28, 2021

The following books are new or forthcoming for 2021 and 2022. If you see a title you like, check on Amazon or the punisher’s website for up-to-date information on the book’s release. Our last book review was “Robert Lasnik on critiquing the press,” in FAN 302.1 (June 28, 2021).

"The Mind of the Censor and The Eye of the Beholder," "Free Speech," and "Dirty Works" covers

(Pub. dates: Oct. 2021 / Feb. 2022 / Aug. 2021)

"The Man Who Hated Women," "Free Speech and Why It Matters," and "Cheap Speech" covers

(Pub. dates: Jul. 2021 / Nov. 2021 / Mar. 2022)

"The Fight for Free Speech," "The Rise and Fall of Morris Ernst," "Speechless" covers

(Pub. dates: Feb. 2021 / June 2021 / June 2021)

"Hate Speech," "Saving the News," "The Case Against The New Censorship" covers

(Pub. dates: April 2021 / July 2021 / April 2021)

"Free Speech and Koch Money," "Commercial Speech as Free Expression," and "Silicon Values" covers

(Pub. dates: Nov. 2021 / June 2021 / March 2021)

"Dangerous Ideas on Campus," "Tyranny of Virtue," and "Challenges to Academic Freedom" covers

(Pub. dates: All in Nov. 2021)

"In His Own Worlds," "Dirty Knowledge, and "Free Speech Handbook" covers

(Pub. dates: Oct. 2021 / Nov. 2021 / Jan. 2022)

"Red Lines," "A Republican Theory of Free Speech," and "The Least We Can Do" covers

(Pub. dates: Aug. 2021 / Sept. 2021 / Sept. 2021)

"The Authoritarian Moment," "Free Speech," and "Tyrants on Twitter" covers

(Pub. dates: July 2021 / Aug. 2021 / April 2022)

"Sensation," "A Right To Lie," and "The United States of Anonymous" covers

(Pub. dates: Sept. 2021 / Aug. 2021 / March 2022)

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