Legislative & Regulatory

US Capitol Building

FIRE’s Legislative and Policy Department

Since 2012, FIRE’s Legislative and Policy Department has been at the forefront of nonpartisan efforts to protect civil liberties on college campuses by supporting legislation and regulatory actions that advance student and faculty rights and opposing governmental measures that threaten those rights.

Model Legislation

Free Speech

FIRE’s Legislative and Policy Program promotes legislation and policy that protects students’ and faculty’s right to freedom of speech, while combating measures that would restrict the exercise of that crucial right.

Enacted Campus Free Speech Statutes


Due Process

FIRE supports legislation that promotes fair and reliable non-academic campus disciplinary hearings. We work with law and policy makers to defeat measures that would further undermine fundamental fairness and to promote those that ensure that the campus judiciary provides meaningful due process protections to students accused of infractions.

Enacted Campus Due Process Statutes


Religious Liberty

Religious liberty is one of the essential qualities of individual liberty and dignity. That is why FIRE supports legislation that ensures that students of faith have the same rights to campus resources as other students. FIRE opposes policies that would prohibit students’ from forming belief-based organizations that require their members and leaders to adhere to the organization’s beliefs and promotes policies that promote diversity through pluralism.