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Call to Dismantle Free Speech Zone at Appalachian State

As FIRE supporters know, free speech zones are all too common on college campuses. CFN member Graham Shaw at Appalachian State University has posted on ASU’s Spotlight page, asking CFN members at ASU to contact him and work to abolish the institution’s free speech zone policy.

FIRE’s efforts have lead to the abolition of speech zone policies at West Virginia University, Texas Tech, Citrus College, the University of Nevada at Reno, the University of North Carolina–Greensboro, Clemson University, and most recently at Colorado State University.

While FIRE does not undertake direct litigation, we maintain a potent Legal Network to help us coordinate constitutional challenges at public institutions across the country, and we’re always looking for potential new plaintiffs to contest unconstitutional campus speech policies. We actively encourage all CFN members to drop us a line and submit a case if you’re interested in evaluating the merits of a potential challenge to your school’s speech codes.

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