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Concerned with what’s happening on campus? Make an impact by supporting FIRE’s 2016-17 Annual Fund before June 30

Each year, FIRE receives over 4,500 gifts from concerned citizens across the country. The vast majority of these Annual Fund gifts fall below $250, but regardless of the amount, each and every one of them has an impact on America’s college and university campuses and in the lives of the students and professors who learn and work at the schools. Working together through our Annual Fund, FIRE’s donors empower all of our work and effect real change inside the academy.

FIRE’s Annual Fund provides the resources needed to rise to the challenge of today’s campus landscape. In order to keep up with increasing calls for censorship and rampant rights violations, FIRE must continue to adapt and grow. Over the past few years, Annual Fund support has allowed FIRE to expand our size and the scope of our strategy, and it has given us the ability to directly meet every challenge. We’ve battled everyone from campus administrators to the federal government, and we’ve worked tirelessly to restore liberty on campus on all fronts, including defense, policy reform, litigation, legislation, outreach, and educational efforts.

If you are among the donors who help fund FIRE’s work each year, we hope you’re proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together, and that you will continue to support our efforts. If you follow our work, or are just deeply concerned about recent events on campus, I hope you’ll consider having a stake in the game by making a donation to FIRE. A gift to FIRE truly does yield real results, and your donation can make a difference in the fight for campus freedom.

With a gift to FIRE’s 2016-17 Annual Fund, you can help:

  • Aid and defend the students and professors at the center of the more than 1,000 case submissions FIRE has received over the past year.
  • Add more schools to the growing list of colleges and universities that have adopted policy statements committing themselves to protecting free speech rights on campus, or add to the growing list of schools that have earned FIRE’s highest, “green light” rating.
  • Challenge the nation’s worst speech codes in court while maintaining our 100% litigation victory rate.
  • Educate and empower student activists to institute change from within the campus community, through workshops, conferences, training, and materials provided by the FIRE Student Network.
  • Confront and defeat the infantilizing campus culture sweeping our nation’s institutions of higher learning.

Please consider giving a gift to support FIRE’s 2016-17 Annual Fund before June 30. You can donate right now online, or give us a call at (215) 717-3473, and we’ll be more than happy to take your gift over the phone.

Thank you in advance!

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