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‘Dayton Daily News’ on FIRE’s Victory at Wright State

Dave Larsen of the Dayton Daily News discusses FIRE's victory for religious liberty at Wright State University on the paper's "On Campus" blog today. Wright State initially denied re-recognition to the Campus Bible Fellowship for 2008-2009 on the ground that its faith-based requirements for voting members violated university nondiscrimination policies, but Wright State finally relented and recognized the group for both 2008–2009 and (after additional struggle) 2009–2010. The News quotes a senior Wright State administrator regarding the resolution of the dispute:

"Wright State advocates for diversity and we have resolved the registration matter with the Campus Bible Fellowship student organization so that they can practice the full expression of their religious beliefs on campus," said Dan Abrahamowicz, university vice president for student affairs, on Monday, June 22.

Of course it took a letter from FIRE, a press release, an ensuing public awareness campaign, and the threat of a civil rights lawsuit from the Alliance Defense Fund to elicit this enlightened response from the administration. Nevertheless, FIRE is glad to see the News report on this happy outcome and that the people of Dayton (home of Wright State) are being made aware of the battles for freedom of association being fought in their backyards.

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