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FIRE Welcomes Nicholas Rosenkranz to Its Board of Directors

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Professor Nicholas Rosenkranz to FIRE’s esteemed Board of Directors. Professor Rosenkranz is a Professor of Law at Georgetown University, a member of the Federalist Society Board of Directors, and a Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies at the Cato Institute. He recently published a short piece in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy about the lack of “Intellectual Diversity in the Legal Academy.” His full biography is available on FIRE’s Board of Directors page.

FIRE’s co-founder and Board Chairman, Harvey A. Silverglate, shared his praise for Professor Rosenkranz and his delight that he has joined our board:

My fellow FIRE Board of Directors members and I offer a hearty welcome and thanks to Professor Rosenkranz for accepting our invitation—request, actually—that he join us in guiding what has become the nation’s leading, and now indispensable, organization fighting to restore our college campuses to centers of scholarship and learning, rather than the authoritarian and bureaucratically-run institutions that, sadly, they have become in recent decades. Having another scholar on our Board assists us in keeping our eye on this fundamental mission and in assisting FIRE’s enormously talented and dedicated staff, and all of its devoted supporters on campuses and outside in the “real world,” to accomplish our shared goal.

All of us at FIRE share Harvey’s sentiments and are eager to work with Professor Rosenkranz to bring our message to more Americans and free speech to more students.

“I am honored to join the Board of Directors of this invaluable organization. In my time in the legal academy, I have seen firsthand how our universities so often stifle unpopular views. I look forward to working with FIRE, to help redeem the promise of the First Amendment and restore free speech to its rightful place on campus,” said Rosenkranz.

Welcome aboard, Professor Rosenkranz!

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