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FIRE's National Mailing Receives Media Attention

Many Torch readers will know that last week FIRE sent out a certified mailing to the presidents and top lawyers at nearly 300 public colleges and universities across the nation. Citing significant legal developments from the past year, FIRE warned that the defense of qualified immunity could no longer be relied upon to shield them and their staff from having to pay monetary damages out of their own pockets for blatantly violating students' free speech rights.

Yesterday, Robert wrote a column in Pajamas Media drawing further attention to our mailing. Glenn Reynolds linked to the column on and wisely suggested that people make an end-of-year charitable donation to FIRE. Also, Bob Unruh quoted our mailing extensively in his column for WorldNetDaily.

Thanks to FIRE's mailing and the subsequent media attention, college administrators should now realize that qualified immunity may not always be there to bail them out when they violate students' most basic rights.

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