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Help FIRE to free 1 million more voices!

Last week, FIRE announced that Northern Arizona University became one of the now 48 schools nationwide to earn our highest, “green light” rating for free speech. This victory is cause for celebration on its own, but it also marked a tremendous achievement for FIRE and our supporters: For the first time ever, more than 1 million students attend a green light school!

That’s 1 million students who would have had their speech chilled or policed if not for intervention by FIRE. But now, 1 million students are free to express their ideas, challenge their peers, invite guest speakers, and enjoy a collegiate experience free from unconstitutional speech restrictions!

We hope the weight of this figure makes all of FIRE’s supporters proud, because we couldn’t have done it without their generosity and commitment to our mission.

But we aren’t slowing down and, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary year, we’re building on all of our momentum to go even further. Whether it’s through our Million Voices Campaign, Speech Code of the Month initiative, legislative work, or annual speech code report, FIRE is working on every level to tackle speech codes nationwide.

We hope you’ll consider supporting those efforts. A gift to FIRE translates into more victories on behalf of students and professors, more policy revisions at the nine in 10 schools still maintaining restrictive speech codes, more awareness surrounding campus rights, more education on the importance of free speech principles, and more green light schools. Help us free the next million student voices with a gift today!

There are many ways you can support this important work. The most direct is with a gift today at All gifts to FIRE are 100 percent tax-deductible.

To really send a message, you can redirect a gift to your alma mater to FIRE instead. Just make a donation to FIRE using our secure online form, our printable mail-in form, or over the phone at 215-717-3473, let us know what school you would like your donation to be in lieu of, and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll alert the leadership of the school that until they fully protect rights on their campus, they risk losing the support of donors. We’ll also provide helpful resources, and offer our assistance in helping to do the work necessary to get their policies in line with First Amendment standards.  

One million freed voices is a testament to an incredible 20 years of successful advocacy, and to our amazing supporters who have had our back along the way. To all of our supporters reading this, thank you a million times over for helping us get this far, and giving us the resources needed to keep going.

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