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By choosing to support the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) with a gift today, you can have a real impact on the lives of Americans across the country, all while promoting our nation’s most cherished value: freedom of speech. Here are some things your donation can make possible:

  • Defend the rights of millions of Americans across the country, including individuals on and off campus.
  • Coordinate litigation to impose a real cost on institutions, government agencies, and other parties in the public sector who commit rights violations.
  • Organize policy and advocacy efforts to secure campus, state-level, and nationwide reforms.
  • Engage in groundbreaking research to help uncover the real data and arguments necessary to lead the national conversation.
  • Educate and empower Americans, arming them with the tools necessary to safeguard their rights.
  • Create a home for America’s free speech movement, giving individuals the ability to join a constituency dedicated to preserving one of our nation’s most important principles. 
  • Coordinate public awareness efforts that help share powerful stories of free speech and confront anti-speech culture.