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Greg at Wright State University to Speak on Religious Liberty and Student Group Rights

FIRE President Greg Lukianoff is at Wright State University today, where he is scheduled to speak as part of a conference titled "Legal Issues in Higher Education: When Policy and Religious Freedom Collide." The event is hosted by the Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education in partnership with Wright State. Greg appears at the event alongside various representatives from local universities.

The notice for the event states, "In several cases across the nation religious student groups have challenged university regulations relative to recognition of student organizations. Especially at issue are institutional anti-discrimination policies that could affect membership in these organizations." As Torch readers may remember, Wright State became a flashpoint for this very conflict when it attempted to ban a chapter of the Campus Bible Fellowship for violating its nondiscrimination policy. Wright State later relented and recognized the group for the remainder of the spring semester, but did nothing to alter the problematic policy with which it originally sought to banish the group, and under which the group must reapply for recognition.

Hopefully some in the Wright State administration will see fit to attend what is sure to be a rigorous and enlightening discussion.

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