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Start the New Year Right! Join the FIRE Student Network and Be First to Hear Campus Free Speech News

The FIRE Student Network (FSN) is ready to make 2017 the best year yet for student activism. If you aren’t familiar, the FSN is a 15,000-member coalition of students, faculty, and alumni who recognize the importance of advancing civil liberties on their campuses. Joining the FIRE Student Network is the best way for students to stay in contact with FIRE, work with us to improve speech codes, and take advantage of our many resources. In the coming months, we will be announcing a plethora of new and exciting opportunities and our FSN members will be the first to know about them!

Students, resolve to make your campus more free speech friendly this new year! Joining the FSN is the perfect first step in your fight to protect and defend student rights. One of the important perks of membership is receiving our campus alerts. FSN members are alerted if FIRE staff is speaking nearby, working with administrators, or if there is a FIRE case on their campus. The alerts give FSN members all of the information they need about what’s happening on their campuses, ideas about how they can get involved or speak out in defense of free speech, and details on how FIRE is responding to a given situation. As Sam Foer, a student at the University of Rhode Island, can attest:

Learning from FIRE’s email alert that my own university’s policies are violating students’ First Amendment rights was both concerning and inspirational. Being informed is the first step to preventing and solving problems, and FIRE knows how to get the word out and motivate students to correct wrongs. Being a part of FIRE’s Student Network is vital for anyone who truly cares about academic freedom.

FSN members like Sam are important on-the-ground leaders in the fight for free speech. They help to guide campus dialogue in a manner that will have lasting benefits for all students and faculty; we hope you will join their ranks!

In addition to being the first to know about ways to defend student rights on campus and beyond, FSN members organize policy reform campaigns; coordinate on-campus FIRE speeches; write articles for student and mainstream publications; host activism events; serve as plaintiffs in speech code litigation efforts, and much more. In addition to our alert system, FSN members are the the first to know about opportunities like our annual summer conference, Prometheus Society, internship program, future regional conferences, and much more.

We hope you’ll join today.

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