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Yale alumni: Help protect free speech at your alma mater

Yale university buildings in spring blue sky in New Haven

Yale University failed to uphold its own free speech policies when an event was shouted down by 100 protesters. (

As campuses grow more hostile to free expression, it may be up to alumni to tip the scales in favor of individual rights. 

On March 10, an event on civil liberties at Yale Law School was disrupted as more than 100 law students attempted to shout down invited speakers. Yale failed to uphold its own policies which ensure that expressive events may be held on campus without threat of severe interruption.

Now, more than ever, alumni must take a stand for free expression. For campuses to maintain a robust intellectual environment, expression must be free from undue restrictions. The education of our students depends on intellectual engagement with a wide range of ideas and perspectives, not merely those that are inoffensive or uncontroversial.

As a graduate of Yale University, we hope you’ll join us in urging President Peter Salovey to uphold free speech on campus by protecting students’ expressive events when disruptions occur. 

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