‘TV Guide Magazine’ Features Students Who Stood Up For Speech

July 10, 2015

FIRE—and the students who fought for their rights in some of our most notable cases—appeared in a full-page ad in TV Guide Magazine’s mid-June issue. Introducing free speech champions Robert Van Tuinen, Merritt Burch, and Chris Lee, the ad poses the question: “Will your son or daughter be next?”


As Torch readers know, Van Tuinen, Burch, and the other student-plaintiffs who have sued their schools as part of FIRE’s Stand Up For Speech Litigation Project, have helped secure First Amendment rights for over 150,000 students.

With “back to school” season coming up next month, students who want to defend their rights can find lots of resources on FIRE’s website, from our Spotlight database of speech codes, to our case archives, to our Guides to Student Rights on Campus. And students and professors who have been censored or want to take the next step in fighting unconstitutional speech codes can submit a case on FIRE’s website.

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