Scott Rogers

IT Specialist
Scott Rogers

Scott has 11 years of experience in information technology as a veteran of the United States Navy, where he managed small to large teams in supporting customers access to information systems.

During his time in the U.S. Navy, Scott achieved the rank of Chief Petty Officer.
Prior to joining FIRE, he spent 3 years as a system administrator and information technology branch lead, during which he was responsible for providing IT support services; and information system administration to the U.S. Navy’s first unmanned aircraft squadron.

Scott first heard of FIRE in 2015 after reading “Coddling of the American Mind” by Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff, and has followed FIRE’s press and news releases since then. After 11 years of active-duty service, Scott moved from California to Philadelphia to live with his wife and continue his pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity and computer networks with a minor in criminal justice at the University of Maryland Global Campus.

In his spare time, Scott enjoys reading historical writing,, classic literature, and legal theory (John Locke, Cesar Beccaria, and Sir William Blackstone); He also loves exercising; and spending time with his wife and two dogs Benson and Jürgen.

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