Bucks County Community College

Location: Newtown, Pennsylvania
Website: http://www.bucks.edu
Type: No Type Yet
Federal Circuit: 3rd Circuit

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  • Pennsylvania House of Representatives Select Committee on Student Academic Freedom

    September 19, 2005

    The Pennsylvania House of Representatives brought together a committee to examine allegations that Pennsylvania’s public universities were plagued by liberal ideology and indoctrination. David A. French, at the time president of FIRE, served as a legal adviser to the panel. FIRE released FIRE Report on the First Amendment Responsibilities of Pennsylvania State-Funded Colleges and Universities, explaining that Pennsylvania universities are bound to follow the strictures of the U.S. and Pennsylvania Constitutions, notably to respect the expressive rights of students and faculty members, to protect religious liberty on campus, and to protect freedom of conscience on campus.

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  • Bucks County Community College: Ideological Loyalty Oath for Professors

    February 22, 2001

    Professor of Sociology Myles Kelleher contacted FIRE after discovering that applicants for new faculty (and other) positions at Bucks County Community College (BCCC) would be required to “provide a brief statement of your commitment to diversity and how this commitment is demonstrated in your work,” and to “certify” their understanding that “any false or misleading statement on this application constitutes sufficient grounds for dismissal.” FIRE appealed to the court of public and moral opinion and wrote to BCCC’s Board of Trustees and its major donors. The story became the focus of local and national. Due to FIRE’s efforts this threat […]

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Green Light Policies
  • College Catalog: Campus Regulations- Sexual Harassment Policy 09-10

    Speech Code Category: Harassment Policies, Statement
    Last updated: December 15, 2013

    Sexual harassment exists where unwelcome sexual conduct is sufficiently severe or pervasive that it creates a hostile or abusive atmosphere. A discriminatorily abusive work or educational environment can and often will detract from employees' or students' performance, discourage them from remaining at the College, or keep them from advancing in their careers. When the workplace or academic environment is permeated with discriminatory intimidation, ridicule, and insult that is sufficiently severe or pervasive to alter the conditions of the victim's employment or education and create an abusive working or educational environment, federal law and College policy are violated.

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  • College Catalog: Student Body Bill of Rights and Responsibilities 09-10

    Speech Code Category: Advertised Commitments to Free Expression, Statement
    Last updated: October 28, 2013


    1. Freedom of expression in the classroom.
    5. Freedom of association
    6. Freedom of inquiry and expression in student organizations
    8. Freedom to exercise citizenship rights.

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  • Political Litmus Test for Faculty at Virginia Tech

    March 18, 2009

    Peter Wood at the National Association of Scholars has drawn attention to a disturbing prospect at Virginia Tech—a requirement that all candidates for tenure and promotion display “active involvement in diversity,” threatening the academic freedom and freedom of conscience of Virginia Tech’s faculty. This new requirement is reminiscent of FIRE’s 2001 case at Bucks County Community College (BCCC), in which BCCC attempted to require applicants for new faculty to “provide a brief statement of your commitment to diversity and how this commitment is demonstrated in your work.” Under pressure from FIRE, BCCC dropped the requirement. Of the similar requirement now […]

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  • Letter to Bucks County Community College

    February 22, 2001

    Dr. James J. Linksz President Bucks County Community College Newtown, PA 18940-9677 Dear President Linksz, As you can see from the list of our Directors and Board of Advisors, FIRE unites civil rights and civil liberties leaders, scholars, journalists, and public intellectuals across the political and ideological spectrum on behalf of liberty, legal equality, due process, the rights of conscience, and — in the case of Bucks County Community College — academic freedom on America’s college campuses. Our web page, www.thefire.org, will give you a fuller sense of our identity and activities. I wish to express our profound, grave, and […]

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