Hamilton College

Location: Clinton, New York
Type: Private
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Speech Code Rating

Hamilton College has been given the speech code rating Yellow. Yellow light colleges and universities are those institutions with at least one ambiguous policy that too easily encourages administrative abuse and arbitrary application. Read more

Campus Climate

Overall Ranking

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  • Sexual Misconduct Policy: Non-Title IX Sexual Harassment

    Speech Code Rating: Yellow
    Speech Code Category: Harassment Policies
    Last updated: August 16, 2022

    Non-Title IX Sexual Harassment is defined as unwelcome action, language or visual representation of a sexual nature that has the effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work or academic performance or that creates a hostile working, educational, or living environment, but that does not constitute Tit... Read More
  • First-Year Housing Guide: Building Community

    Speech Code Rating: Yellow
    Speech Code Category: Policies on Tolerance, Respect, and Civility
    Last updated: August 16, 2022

    We promote an environment that is free from harassment, where differences are celebrated, and independent opinions are supported and respected. However, when these opinions threaten others, we will act swiftly to ensure the safety and well-being of the community. Read More
  • Student Handbook: Code of Student Conduct- Prohibited Conduct

    Speech Code Rating: Yellow
    Speech Code Category: Harassment Policies
    Last updated: August 16, 2022

    Physical altercation, verbal abuse, threat, intimidation, harassment, coercion and/or other intentional or reckless conduct that is likely to have a substantial adverse effect on, or pose a threat to any person. … Hamilton College reserves the right to suspend for an interim period any ... Read More
  • Student Handbook: Harassment and Discrimination Policy

    Speech Code Rating: Yellow
    Speech Code Category: Harassment Policies
    Last updated: August 16, 2022

    Discriminatory Harassment, including any action, language or visual representation, based on any characteristic protected by law other than gender (as noted above, gender based harassment is covered under the Sexual Misconduct Policy), including race, ethnicity, religion, disability, age, veteran status, that is suf... Read More
  • Student Handbook: Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources

    Speech Code Rating: Yellow
    Speech Code Category: Internet Usage Policies
    Last updated: August 16, 2022

    The following are examples of violations of information technology resources policies at Hamilton College. … Inappropriate use of electronic mail and Internet access. Initiating or propagating electronic chain letters; inappropriate mass mailing including multiple mailings to newsgroups, mailing lists, or indi... Read More
  • Dean of Students: Bias Incident and Hate Crimes

    Speech Code Rating: Green
    Speech Code Category: Policies on Bias and Hate Speech
    Last updated: August 16, 2022

    As part of the College’s commitment to an inclusive campus community, a Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) and protocol has been developed to address incidents that occur on-campus or at any Hamilton-sponsored off-campus event. We urge all community members to familiarize themselves with the harassment and disc... Read More
  • Sexual Misconduct Policy: Title IX Sexual Harassment

    Speech Code Rating: Green
    Speech Code Category: Harassment Policies
    Last updated: August 16, 2022

    Title IX Sexual Harassment includes conduct on the basis of sex, including gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression, that falls within one of the two following categories: … Hostile environment – Unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that a reasonable person would find to be so severe,... Read More
  • Student Handbook: Code of Student Conduct- Guiding Principles

    Speech Code Rating: Green
    Speech Code Category: Advertised Commitments to Free Expression
    Last updated: August 16, 2022

    The right to express opinions may not be abridged, provided that public safety and the rights of individuals are not compromised. The College protects and encourages controversy and dissent. Read More
  • Student Handbook: Freedom of Expression/Maintenance of Public Order at Hamilton College

    Speech Code Rating: Green
    Speech Code Category: Advertised Commitments to Free Expression
    Last updated: August 16, 2022

    Free inquiry and free expression are indispensable to the attainment of those goals to which Hamilton College is dedicated. Read More

FIRE surveyed roughly 37,000 students at 154 colleges and universities about the climate for free speech at their institutions. In 2021, FIRE released rankings of those schools, based on a number of factors, including openness, tolerance, self-expression, administrative support for free speech, and campus policies, scoring overall speech climate on a scale from 0-100. See the full report on FIRE’s 2021 College Free Speech Rankings for more information.



Overall Ranking 91/154
Ideological Diversity 142/159

Overall / out of a top score of 100

Overall Score 59.03
Openness 9.36
Tolerance (Liberals) 11.54
Tolerance (Conservatives) 7.4
Administrative Support 5.67
Comfort 15.22
Disruptive Conduct 9.85
Speech Climate
Supported Scholars
Sanctioned Scholars
Successful Disinvitations
Speech Code YELLOW
  • Hamilton Students Condemn Theft of Campus Publication

    February 20, 2015

    Last week, Hamilton College student newspaper The Spectator reported that almost all issues of another Hamilton student publication, Enquiry, were removed en masse from their distribution spots on the private institution’s New York campus. The Spectator hypothesized that the theft was intended to shield readers from an article on “radical feminism” that had already generated… Read more

  • This Week in the News: Whistleblowing UCLA Professor Still Making Headlines and Hamilton College Wins Muzzle Award

    April 15, 2011

    UCLA’s gross violation of the rights of Dr. Enstrom, the whisteblowing professor fighting for his job after being told he did not fit his department’s "mission," continued to elicit outrage in the media this week. Debra Saunders of the San Francisco Chronicle published both a column (reprinted in Townhall.com) and a shorter blog post (containing… Read more

  • Thomas Jefferson Center Awards 2011 ‘Muzzle’ to Hamilton College’s Mandatory ‘Intervention’ for Freshman Males

    April 13, 2011

    "She Fears You," Hamilton College’s mandatory and coercive orientation program for freshman males last fall, received a 2011 Muzzle Award today from the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression. "She Fears You" is based on the theory that men need a "combined emotional and cognitive intervention" to reform their deeply ingrained rape-supportive… Read more

  • ‘Chapin’s Inferno’ Torches Keith Edwards and Hamilton College

    November 8, 2010

    Readers of The Torch may remember that in late September, Hamilton College (HC) told all of its first-year male students that they were required to attend "She Fears You," an "intervention" program by Keith Edwards that is designed to make the men acknowledge their personal complicity in a "rape culture" and change their "rape-supportive" beliefs and… Read more

  • Hamilton College Won’t Talk about ‘She Fears You,’ but Keith Edwards Will

    October 14, 2010

    More than two weeks have passed since Keith Edwards delivered his "She Fears You" presentation at Hamilton College, yet Hamilton has still not responded to FIRE’s letter requesting that attendance be made voluntary. Nor has Hamilton made any public statement about the event. (The event also wasn’t filmed, so non-attendees will never know exactly what… Read more

  • Attendance Not Logged at ‘Required’ Hamilton College ‘Rape Culture’ Event, but Fundamental Freedoms Still at Risk

    October 1, 2010

    Amidst heated debate, Keith Edwards’ "She Fears You" presentation went forward Monday evening at Hamilton College. FIRE argued that this event, which claims to be a "cognitive and emotional intervention" aiming to teach that certain views about masculinity will be "no longer acceptable in any way," should not have been mandatory for freshman males. Two… Read more

  • Hamilton Requires First-Year Men to Attend Presentation on Campus ‘Rape Culture’; Female Applicants Not Forewarned of Dangers of Attending Hamilton

    September 27, 2010

    Tonight at 7 p.m., first-year men at Hamilton College will be attending a mandatory presentation of "She Fears You," a program at which they will be pressed to acknowledge their personal complicity in a "rape culture" on Hamilton’s campus and to change their "rape-supportive" beliefs and attitudes. First-year men were informed via e-mail that attendance… Read more

  • Outside Input Unwanted: A Brief History of Petition Candidacies in University Governance

    March 24, 2009

    In cases of campus speech restrictions, the path to censorship is paved with seemingly benign intent: see, for instance, bans on "rude, disrespectful behavior," as in the case of Johns Hopkins University (covered extensively yesterday by Samantha). Yet the inherent conflict between free speech and open inquiry on one hand and enforcing "civility" on the… Read more

  • The Hamilton Insurgency Continues

    January 27, 2006

    While the American Association of University Women’s extremely misguided sexual harassment report might give you reason to believe otherwise, all the news this week has not been bad. Specifically, FIRE has heard good tidings out of New York State, where fresh trustee elections are going on at Hamilton College. To get some context, check out… Read more

  • The Hamilton Insurgency: Hopefully Not Over

    August 19, 2005

    Hamilton College Alumni for Governance Reform, Inside Higher Ed, and Erin O’Connor are all reporting that the insurgent trustee candidates at Hamilton have lost. This is of course bad news, but it’s not necessarily the end of the line. The candidates faced extremely formidable obstacles in communicating their positions to the alumni who were voting,… Read more

  • The Hamilton Insurgency?

    July 28, 2005

    During FIRE’s most recent speech code victory, my friend Duncan Currie at the Weekly Standard called Peter Robinson and Todd Zywicki’s free-speech-loving trustee campaign “The Dartmouth Insurgency.” And the more I read about what’s going on at Hamilton College, the more I think the answer to the question David posed here before (“Is Hamilton the… Read more

  • Is Hamilton the Next Dartmouth?

    July 11, 2005

    In the last twelve months, New York’s Hamilton College has not exactly covered itself in glory. First, it made national news after it hired Susan Rosenberg, a convicted terrorist, to teach a course entitled “Resistance Memoirs: Writing, Identity, and Change.” Then it became the epicenter of the Ward Churchill controversy when his speech at the… Read more

  • Is Learning (A)Political?

    February 18, 2005

    One of our readers sent us the following excerpt from Robert Kimball’s January 31, 2005, post on The New Criterion’s weblog: Colleges and Universities do not exist to promote free speech. They exist to pursue and teach the truth…. This is not a novel idea. But it is one that Hamilton’s president, Joan Hinde Stewart,… Read more

  • Learning from Malcolm X

    February 16, 2005

    Maurice Isserman, history professor and chairman of the American Studies program at Hamilton College, wrote an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education last week that I felt really resonated with my post yesterday, and my general thoughts on free speech and transformational human experience over time. The title of his article was “In Ward… Read more

  • Hamilton Builds a Fence

    February 14, 2005

    After canceling Ward Churchill’s speaking appearance, Hamilton College has cracked down on the Kirkland Project for the Study of Gender, Society, and Culture, the campus division that not only invited Ward Churchill but also hired a convicted terrorist to teach a writing course entitled “Resistance Memoirs: Writing, Identity, and Change.” According to new guidelines issued… Read more

  • More on Mob Rule

    February 3, 2005

    One of the difficulties in persuading angry and indignant people to cease their demands for censorship is that you are frequently countering their concrete grievance with a seemingly abstract hypothetical argument. To someone who is furious at actual speech uttered by a real person, it is often not persuasive to say, “But this kind of… Read more

  • The ‘Other’ Churchill

    February 2, 2005

    No, I’m not referring to Winston but to the most famous Churchill since the legendary and heroic British prime minister passed into history — Professor Ward Churchill. After making numerous outrageous comments about the victims of the September 11, 2001, attacks, Professor Churchill has resigned from his position as the Chair of the University of… Read more