Utah State University

Location: Logan, Utah
Type: Public
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Speech Code Rating

Utah State University has been given the speech code rating Red. A red light university has at least one policy that both clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech. Read more

Campus Climate

Overall Ranking

out of 154 colleges surveyed Read more

FIRE surveyed roughly 37,000 students at 154 colleges and universities about the climate for free speech at their institutions. In 2021, FIRE released rankings of those schools, based on a number of factors, including openness, tolerance, self-expression, administrative support for free speech, and campus policies, scoring overall speech climate on a scale from 0-100. See the full report on FIRE’s 2021 College Free Speech Rankings for more information.



Overall Ranking 147/154
Ideological Diversity 68/159

Overall / out of a top score of 100

Overall Score 53.41
Openness 9.5
Tolerance (Liberals) 8.49
Tolerance (Conservatives) 8.79
Administrative Support 5.91
Comfort 15.73
Disruptive Conduct 10.99
Speech Climate
Supported Scholars
Sanctioned Scholars
Successful Disinvitations
Speech Code RED
  • Nine months after FIRE letter, Utah State University revises social media policy

    October 21, 2021

    Today’s students are constantly using social media. From watching TikTok videos to scrolling through Instagram, social media is how many students stay connected with the world around them. So when universities block their students on social media, they inhibit students’ knowledge about campus happenings — and violate students’ expressive rights in the process.  That’s exactly… Read more

  • FIRE calls on Utah State to drop policy used to block student critics on social media 

    January 28, 2021

    When Zachary Grant Bess used the word “bastards” in a tweet criticizing the lack of exits in Utah State University’s library, he was surprised by the university’s reaction. As The Utah Statesman — USU’s student newspaper — reports, the official Utah State University account responded by blocking Bess’ account on Twitter. Today, FIRE wrote a… Read more

  • Speech Code of the Month: Utah State University

    December 18, 2017

    FIRE announces our Speech Code of the Month for December 2017: Utah State University. Utah State’s Student Code requires that “[a]ll interactions with faculty members, staff members, and other students shall be conducted with courtesy, civility, decency, and a concern for personal dignity.” On the surface, this might sound reasonable: what’s wrong with asking for… Read more

  • Threats of Violence Lead Feminist Critic to Cancel Speech at Utah State

    October 27, 2014

    Most often, when FIRE talks about “disinvitations,” the conversation revolves around colleges formally rescinding invitations to speakers because of something controversial associated with the speaker, or students protesting the speaker so much that the school either withdraws its invitation or the speaker backs out “voluntarily.” In more extreme cases, sometimes students will shout down the… Read more

  • Student Papers at UGA, Utah State on Schools’ ‘Red Light’ Ratings

    February 8, 2012

    Coverage of FIRE’s most recent speech code report, Spotlight on Speech Codes 2012: The State of Free Speech on Our Nation’s Campuses, keeps rolling in. Recently, student newspapers at the University of Georgia (UGA) and Utah State University (USU) joined those campus outlets that have drawn attention to FIRE’s review of their institution’s policies on… Read more

  • ‘Herald Journal’ Examines Utah State’s Red-Light Rating

    April 14, 2011

    Azhar was recently quoted in an article in The Herald Journal (Logan, Utah) about free speech restrictions at Utah State University (USU). Unfortunately, like 260 other schools in our Spotlight database, USU possesses a red-light rating, meaning that it has at least one policy that clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech. While USU in fact… Read more